Maya and the Sword of Gringak


Nothing names me happier than seeing Indian representation in fantasies. It brings me incomparable joy which is why I was elated to have the opportunity to read this book.

I do believe that the blurb sounds misleading, making you think it’s a contemporary fiction with mystical elements since it talks about Maya and her date with her year-long crush on Dhruv at the forefront but it’s so much more.

Taking the concept of dreams, reality, mind control and altering it to fit a narrative that is extremely different from the real world and yet feels familiar because of the vulnerable portrayal of the characters.

The whole ordeal of Maya going through a drastic change to find out that who she thought she was is far different from who she really is hits home even though the experience is supposed to be otherworldly.

I guess what it comes down to is how the author chooses to narrate a story and I am glad that this book didn’t shy away from adding different challenging elements to the plot.

Although the pacing is inconsistent and the world building takes a while to grab your interest, it all comes together rather beautifully and Maya’s character development was one of the highlights of the book.

This book isn’t perfect by any means and definitely needs some work but it’s something worth reading because of its simple and yet engaging portrayal of human relationships amidst a world so different from ours.

I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to everyone.

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