Red-Rum muR-deR

Red-Rum muR-deR is a suspense thriller that explores the brutality of anger, revenge and how these emotions can bring out the worst in people. Saranya and Shankhajit, our main characters and bengali detective duo embarks on a journey of unraveling mysteries when a student is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Mystery novels are my favorite … More Red-Rum muR-deR

Mr and Mrs Pinto

I love watching elderly couples take a walk in the park, sipping tea on their balcony or simply laughing at a joke together. I’m extremely cynical when it comes to love and relationships but watching people who have literally spent decades together and still have the spark of love alive between them warms my heart … More Mr and Mrs Pinto

The Last Lumenian

⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love watching sci fi movies but reading the books in this genre can be a task. Especially since they can easily be a hit or miss. The blurb of this book was enough to capture my attention. Lilla, our main protagonist is trying to find her place in the world but doesn’t seem … More The Last Lumenian


⭐⭐⭐ The myth of ferryman is something I was familiar with due to my fascination towards urban legends and lores. The ferryman ferries over souls of the deceased over the river of Styx in Greek mythology. I was looking forward to read this book as I expected an urban thriller inspired by all the myths … More Ferryman

Finding Your Way

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Finding Your Way presents Drake Taylor’s unique perspective on life, encompassing lessons he learned over years of experience. Out of his “darkest days” came a wealth of tools for navigating through stormy waters and difficult times. In 2021 I’ve decided to give self help books a shot because a lot of people that I … More Finding Your Way


I’ve always wondered how poets and authors have this ability to make something tragic sound so poetic without romanticizing it. With the right words and narration, they can even make a war cry sound like a haunting whisper. The kind that manages to stir a countless emotions without making you sick to your core. Not … More 1857

Love Alive

⭐⭐ I tend to run away from adult romance and drama when it comes to books and yet I find myself being gravitated towards it from time to time. Some cosmic powers are at play here because I am not a hardcore romance fan. I haven’t even read any Nicholas Sparks just for the sake … More Love Alive

Nothing to Lose

⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’ve always been skeptical towards the world of spiritual gurus, their beliefs, their motivations. More often than not it seems like a facade and usually it turns out to be exactly that. Even after countless scandals of such gurus turning out to wolf in sheep’s clothing, it doesn’t deter their devotees which is what … More Nothing to Lose