The Princess of Elsseria

She is the heiress of the throne, the guardian of the blue forest, the princess of Elsseria, and a creature of darkness.
Liah does not know her origin, or what type of blood runs through her veins. Suffocating in a court that perhaps expects too much from her, she embarks on an adventure to find her own self, although what she might discover scares her more every time.
This book will take you to a world of magic, threatened by a legendary enemy. Where a different kind of princess tries to find her place, and a young Captain falls in love with the wrong person. A world that its inhabitants will defend with fury, rescuing old alliances and forging new ones. A place to dream.

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This story revolves around Elsseria, the kingdom of the Blue Forest hidden between Melwhor Mountains and the Violet Sea and the Princess of Elsseria, Liah. Liah is raised in the royal family and people are expecting her to be the next Queen but she isn’t looking for the throne, she wants something else from life, she wants to be free. Liah embarks on an adventure to find her own self, although what she discovers scares her more every time. In this chaotic world Liah meets Captain Derek and things change, love blossoms between them. But their story is not like every other love story.

I like fantasy novels and this one is an awesome read. I was hooked to the story from the very first chapter and finished the book in no time. The world the author has built with the vivid descriptions is beautiful and magical. One could picture Elsseria at it’s full glory. The narration is really good and the character development is nicely done. The story is fast paced and short which keeps it interesting. I liked the ending, it is really subtle.

Overall it was a great read and I would recommend it to everyone.

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