Title: Kikki

Author: Kaushal Vijay

Page Count: 178

Book Description:

From printing birthday wishes in the newspaper to helping him get into his dream college, Kaushal’s father went through countless hardships. Now, it’s Kaushal’s turn to take his parents’ efforts and turn them into success, for himself and them. Through memory losses and no hope for anything, Kikki talks about everything that Kaushal’s family went through for him and his struggle to do justice to it. An extraordinary story of an ordinary family.

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Every family seems ordinary that is until you’ve heard their story. This book is about one such family, a family that doesn’t have anything extraordinary, they are not members of a long line of actors or businessmen. They’re just that, ordinary. The tag line promises you an extraordinary story, which I have to say, it failed in doing.

Not only the plot is simple and basic, the storyline doesn’t progress enough for you to feel that it’s going in any direction.

It’s a dramatic tale of a family and how they overcome the hardships in their lives. I do feel sorry though because the story is said to be based on real events of the author but the writing style and the characters didn’t make me feel connected in any. I’d even say that characters seemed one dimensional to such a point that I couldn’t even have bothered to feel anything for them. I blame the monotonous narration and dull writing style which distracted me even before I finished reading the first page.

The book could’ve been more inspiring and impactful if it was written more deeply. There are tons of grammatical errors which I couldn’t ignore even if I wanted to. The switching of tense made me loose even an ounce of attention I was trying to give the story.

Since the plot isn’t refreshing or enthralling, I was heavily depending on the authors writing ability to compensate for it which didn’t happen.

It feels more like the author was telling us the story instead of making us live it. The dialogue delivery was unbearable too.

The journey the author was trying to take the reader to, simply ended before it even started, Atleast for me.

It could’ve been better if it was written in a more professional way and if it was edited so that it could’ve been more polished and maybe then it wouldn’t have felt like I was reading the first draft of a script that belongs to a dramatic bollywood film.

I need something to work for me, Either a remarkable plot or relatable characters. I wish the author all the best for future.

Final Verdict:

I do not recommend.


1) None


1) Narration

2) Grammatical errors

3) Switching of tenses


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